Event Planning Services

It’s all about the experience.

The experience attendees and participants have at your event depends on the experience and talents of the people planning it. Benefit from Janet Hoppenstein’s 25 years of planning and managing stellar events of all types and sizes. Her creativity, knowledge and a 360-degree perspective deliver events that employees, customers, suppliers, prospects and guests will talk about for years. Able to Leap Tall Buildings focuses on your objectives, whether for a meeting, trade show or recognition event and uses marketing expertise to reinforce the desired message takeaways. And you benefit from an experience that is effortless and seamless as well, from start to finish.

Event planning services address all aspects of events and experiences:

  • Venue research and management
  • Detailed planning and logistics for optimal flow
  • Envisioning and executing design, décor and entertainment
  • Arranging travel and transportation
  • Drafting and reviewing proposals, negotiating contracts
  • Managing budgets and vendors from start to final invoice
  • Optimally aligning staff and resources with the venue and event

Venue Sourcing
Naturally, ALTB identifies and arranges convention and/or conference centers, hotel venues, and offsite venues for parties, meetings or special events. But the optimal venue satisfying your criteria and considerations may be off the beaten path or a creative reimagining of an everyday space. ALTB will also take into account the specified or desired setting and what will accommodate attendees’ interests or concerns. For example, can attendees safely walk to nearby attractions or shopping? Are there offsite activities for family members?

Beyond identifying and transforming suitable event spaces, planning mouth-watering meals and maximizing amenities, Janet effectively advocates and negotiates on behalf of clients. She ensures very favorable contracts with abundant upsides. Her insider’s view of hotel revenue models and firm grasp of contract terms and policies ensures contracts are fair and deliver maximum value for the money.

Third-Party Vendor management
ALTB is adept at identifying and working with destination management companies (DMCs), general contractors and the full spectrum of suppliers, coordinating the following resources:

  • Transportation companies – arranging for buses, shuttles, town car service, etc.. ALTB also books travel arrangements for speakers, entertainers, and employee incentive or recognition events.
  • Audio-visual and production companies – Janet brings in-depth knowledge of A/V equipment and what it should cost. With this knowledge ALTB can guide you to savings and minimize unnecessary spend.
  • Entertainment and speaker management resources
  • Technology companies
  • Graphics/design, website management, lighting and sound, and other creative services
  • Photographers, florists and rental companies

Maximizing value

Janet knows what resources are available to support the client and how to get things done for less. She’s learned what’s reasonable to ask for at no charge that vendors won’t volunteer. She also understands the value of timing: how to plan ahead and when specific tasks should be executed to avoid overtime charges or surplus labor. From her experience as a trade show general contractor, she can look at a proposal or invoice and eliminate unnecessary items and dispute excessive charges. What’s more, ALTB doesn’t mark up contracted services. Because ALTB charges for managing the event, ALTB simply passes through the costs and invoicing is transparent.

Consulting Services
ALTB provides strategic management of events to achieve your specific goal. Consultation during the planning stages pays off throughout the process. ALTB will help you make the most effective use of your budget. If your organization is undertaking a trade show or strategic event for the first time, benefit from a seasoned expert who can steer you clear of the landmines and prevent costly hits to your budget.

Tapping Janet’s experience on the corporate and general contractor sides of the industry, ALTB knows the ins and outs of shipping freight – how best to ship materials and save the most money. This knowledge alone can save a company thousands of dollars each year.

Making it memorable

Janet is acclaimed for working with chefs to create distinctive menus that delight guests with amazing tastes and variety of food. Unique presentations and settings often reflect the destination. Atypical décor materials are visually intriguing, functional and often highly cost-effective. Her ability to anticipate needs and the little things that improve guests’ comfort make all the difference in how they feel. For example, a well-planned setup is intuitive and efficient, without long lines. Seating arrangements minimize disruption in meetings and ease mingling at social events.

Whether you’re looking for total event management or an event planning consultant who’s leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, contact us today!