Heads In Beds Service (Room Block Sourcing)

Free Room Block Sourcing

Finding hotel rooms for members of your organization to sleep while they’re out of town is a time-consuming, thankless job. Instead, with our “Heads in Beds” service, you can offload these responsibilities and get the best options for the money – at no cost to your group. Simply specify what you need in a room block for your group, such as area of town, proximity to venues or transportation, budget and other parameters, and let us do all the legwork.

ALTB will present the top three options then provide you with a negotiated contract to sign. When arranging hotel blocks, it’s easy to be burned by attrition clauses in contracts. Janet knows the ins and outs of these documents and how to protect your group from unexpected costs.

Seamless & Cost Effective
Compensation for our services comes from the hotel, so it’s a “win-win” proposition!

  • Save time and effort.
  • Skip the headaches.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises, such as confusing or unfavorable contract clauses.
  • Get more value for the money with an industry expert negotiating the contract.

ALTB can also provide general information on the surrounding area and nearby kid-friendly restaurants that accommodate groups for visiting families.

If your travelers need meeting space or a conference room, or help planning a piece of your outing or event, ALTB can provide a quote and assist with these elements as well. Similarly, if you have a group working out of town for several weeks or months, such as a film crew, ALTB can source a transportation company and negotiate rates for the duration of the stay.

Our hotel search service is ideal for:

  • Corporations
  • Site selection companies
  • High school sports teams
  • Traveling bands and drill teams
  • Religious groups
  • Youth groups
  • Club sports teams
  • Film crews
  • Community organizations

Just contact us and ALTB will do the rest so everyone can sleep easier!